How to play:

  • Click the board and use keyboard to enter words
  • Move around with arrows, space, backspace and enter
  • Use a ? to represent a blank tile in your available characters
  • Doubleclick tile to mark as occupied by blank (non-scoring) character
  • To efficiently enter words downwards, press Enter between each character
  • To change bonus tiles, click "change scoring" below the board and click tiles multiple times to cycle between values

 Fun places to download and/or play such games:

Fun ways to use

Measure your skill
Find, without the use of, the best move you can see. Then, enter your board and letters to see what suggests. If suggests better words, spend some time to see what kind of words these are. Perhaps you are blind for specific kinds of words, or words with certain endings. Then teach yourself to see them in the future. In this way you will improve your game fairly quickly.

Become a more strategic player
Arrange a game where your opponent knows that all kinds of assistance is allowed. Thus, you will both have the best possible moves available to you. As in an open-book exam, it is then the ability to choose the best amongst the rest that will lead to victory. In this way, you will see how important it is to choose moves which make it difficult for your opponent to reach bonustiles - even if the move chosen is not the highest-scoring at that particular time. It will also show how important it can be to hold on to high-scoring letters such as j, q and z, of which there is only one each per game, until they can be placed on a bonus tile.

Choose a category
Sometimes the element of competition is less important than chat and humor along the way. A fun twist to throw your opponent off, is to choose most words from a particular category. For instance uncommon or archaic words - or perhaps flirty terms.

Practice your second or third language
Had french in high school? A little rusty? Find a random french opponent and use just enough to keep it interesting for the opponent. Use the opportunity to practice your foreign language both in the game and by chatting with your opponent along the way. Perhaps you will gain new friends as well as practice your french.

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